Support Businesses That Support Your Lifestyle

While RVing the USA, one of the joys of the RV lifestyle is dropping into businesses that connect you to the region, the area's lifestyle and fulfill your needs.

Supporting businesses that support my lifestyle, which consists of hunting, fishing, the shooting sports, RVing and wildlife conservation, is also important to me. I imagine it is to you also.

My "New" Old Shotgun

I paid for this shotgun over a year ago. It was one of many firearms that my recently deceased friend left behind as part of his estate. It was one that I truly admired, too. So, when death finally took my friend after a long illness and he passed, I realized I needed something of his to remind me of our times together.

The Dreaded Flinch - Part 1

I once had my mouth washed out with soap for swearing, but I’m going to take a chance anyway and use the “F-word” today: flinch. There, I said it.

Flinching is probably the number one cause of poor shooting for most of us. In this two-part piece, we’ll examine what it is; what causes it; how to avoid it; how to recognize it; and how to get rid of it.

Double Guns - The Ultimate Hunting Rifles

My first rifle was a no-nonsense bolt action .30/06 straight "off the rack" when I was 18 years old. Over time, my gun collection has grown, along with my sophistication, to the point now that I own several custom or semi-custom firearms in addition to a number of high-quality production rifles. Recently my tastes have reached a level of discernment whereby I have decided that a big bore double rifle is in my future, as soon as my wallet catches up to my tastes, that is.