Shoot Like a Girl - Empowering Women in Shooting Sports

Women who have an interest in learning how to shoot a rifle, pistol or bow can do so in a safe, unintimidating environment while trying out a variety of equipment thanks to Shoot Like A Girl and their interactive trailer. Their mission: to grow the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence.

Safely Transporting Firearms and Ammo

While there is no reason to live in fear, there is certainly reason enough for taking precautions toward ensuring personal protection wherever you are. At home or on the road, personal safety is simply a matter of creating and practicing good habits. Repetitively practicing behaviors, tactics and even simple, everyday acts to ensure your personal safety while entering and exiting a vehicle will reduce your chances of becoming a target while also increasing confidence in your own ability to keep yourself, as well as your belongings, safe, secure and protected.

End of Season Firearm Maintenance

If you've ever had a hunt or day at the range end early due to malfunction, jam or obstruction, you know the importance of a well-maintained firearm. At 16, Doreen Garrett had a whitetail-deer hunt end prematurely due to a trip through the mud. With no way to clear the mud from the barrel of her grandfather's rifle, she headed back to camp empty-handed.

Handgun: Concealed Carry Education

You go to great lengths to minimize threats to your life, but sometimes a deadly situation is unavoidable. While every scenario is unique and requires personal decisions, having a proper handgun education, training, equipment and practice is crucial.

Understanding Shooting-Angle Compensation

Sometimes a target ranged at 400 yards isn’t actually 400 yards away. At least as far as a bullet is concerned. The fact is, while measured distance is one component of understanding how much to compensate for bullet drop, there is a second component that is often overlooked: the shooting angle.

For most shooting scenarios less than 200 yards, shooting angle isn’t much of an issue.

Tactical Knives For The Range or Bug-Out Bag

The problem you’re going to have stashing these tools in your range bag or bug-out bag is it will be hard to relegate them to occasional use. (Fear not. I have a solution, which I reveal at the end.)

Any of these, all are made in the U.S.A., would make a good addition to your everyday-carry list. I know because each has had a lengthy audition as my EDC selection.

Hearing Protection Buyer's Guide

It’s curious that we marvel at the ability of deer and other game to detect our presence with their incredible sense of hearing, yet we do little if anything to protect our own. Before it’s too late, and irrevocable damage is done, learn the basics of protecting one of the most valuable possessions you have.