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Caldwell E-MAX : Don't Risk Your Hearing Shooting a Gun

You Only Get One Set of Ears, So Make Sure You’re Protecting Them on the Range & In the Field

The Caldwell E-MAX family of hearing protection includes Bluetooth, Electronic, and Passive options for youth and adults.

Best Ways to Store Your Guns at Home & In Your Vehicle

Gun security at home and on the go is a matter of choosing the right gear and knowing how to use it.

Securing your guns – at home and when you’re traveling – isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. There is a great deal of effective gear to help you do it, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

How to Select the Best Shooting Glasses for You (infographic)

No matter what type of shooting sports you enjoy – rifle, pistol, action, 3-gun, trap, skeet, sporting clays, hunting – eye and ear protection are mandatory. If you’ll be firing a gun or even be around someone else who will be firing a gun – you must wear shooting glasses.

5 Basic Tips to Get You Started in Reloading Your Own Ammo (video)

If you are a shooter or hunter considering getting started in handloading ammo or just looking to save a little cash on ammunition, here are some basic tips to expand your reloading knowledge.

Rings and Bases Buying Guide

Most hunters and shooters today realize the benefit of quality optics atop their firearms and take care in choosing just the right scope. But even the finest glass that money can buy is still only as good as the mounting system used to secure it to the firearm.