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How Will You Carry a Concealed Handgun?

An Everyday Carry Holster Buyer's Guide

There's something to be said about the confidence concealed carry affords you. Simply feeling the weight of your handgun secured in its holster is enough to make you stand a little taller and walk a little surer.

Why I Carry A Concealed Firearm

The Responsible Approach to Personal Protection

It is important for anyone who is considering carrying a concealed firearm to know the laws and regulations related to the concealed carry of a firearm in his or her home state, states they might be traveling to or through, as well as applicable federal laws.

Defense Ammo: The Right Bullets For The Situation

Deciding which ammunition you should choose for personal-defense situations should be carefully considered, after all, your life may truly depend upon the choices you make. But, before you start evaluating your ammunition choices, you need to take an in-depth look at your handgun in order to make an educated decision.

10 Things You Learn Carrying Every Day

By Tom McHale


A whole lot, it turns out.

Reflecting on my experiences carrying a gun for nearly two decades, I figured out that I've learned a couple of things. Here's a short list:


3 Key Self Defense Handgun Fundamentals

For several years, a quality handgun has been on the top of my most wanted gear list. With the need for a self-defense style handgun gaining popularity all over the world, I decided it was time to buy a new firearm. I chose one of the most popular calibers in handguns, which is a 9mm.

Handgun Holster Buyer's Guide

Ever since handguns were invented, people have searched for ways to carry them that are safer, more efficient and more secure than just stuffing a gun’s barrel into a belt or waistband. Today there are countless ways to take advantage of handgun portability. Choosing the right holster for your needs is a daunting task – but it needn’t be.