Hunting Gear

How to Stay Warm Hunting in Extreme Temperatures (video)

When is the best time to hunt whitetails? Of course the best answer is: “Any time you can get out in the woods.” And that means even if it’s below zero. Actually, deer are at their most patternable when temps drop to the single digits and below and the snow is piled up. Daylight or dark, they have to eat to keep the internal furnace fueled! So, if you can find a reliable food source, like an unpicked cornfield or a strategic food plot, you’ll see the deer using it frequently.

Choosing the Best Ammo Caliber for Hunting Plus Ammo Terms

When selecting the proper rifle cartridge and bullet design for hunting small game, big game, and dangerous game, understanding “ammo speak” is critically important. If you don’t ask the right questions using the right words, the answers you’ll get won’t be reliable or accurate.

Review: Nikon Monarch 7i VR, The World's First Laser Rangefinder (video)

Being a die-hard predator hunter for the last few years, I have discovered one piece of equipment that I very rarely go to the field without, a rangefinder. I have spent a lot of time at the gun range discovering what my firearm will do at certain distances. I want the knowledge at what distance my bullet will begin to fall, so that when the opportunity strikes to harvest a coyote, I know exactly what my firearm is capable of. This is why I begin 90 percent of my setups with ranging several different objects before I began my calling sequence.

Be the Deadliest Hunter with New Scent Lok Clothing

scent lok imageThe 2015 hunting season is just around the corner, and with a new season typically comes new clothing and this year is no exception.  The new Scent Lok Savannah Crosshair an early season system, Full Season Velocity a mid-season system, and the Vortex Windproof

Are You Missing Out on Important Ways to Use Your Rangefinder?

The laser rangefinder may be the most underrated of all the optical tools for hunters.  Yet there are many hunting situations in which a rangefinder will make you a better shot with a bow, rifle, or shotgun. It’s an important scouting tool, too.

Bass Pro Shops Christmas Best Gifts for Hunters

If you have a hunter or three on your Christmas list, count yourself blessed.  At least you’ll never find yourself shopping for someone who “has everything.”  No hunter ever has enough of the gear, equipment, tools and — yes — toys with which to get the most from every minute in the field.  Here’s a rundown of the hottest items of the season your hunters are hankering for.

Product Showcase - Primos Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call

Any hunter worth their camouflage knows that rattling whitetail bucks is an effective deer hunting tactic. When the rut is in full swing, it will often lure those dominant bucks to close range — eager to check out what all the fuss is about. Up until now, carrying a cumbersome set of antlers to the treestand was your only choice.

Product Review: Wolverine Sightline Waterproof Hunting Boots

Boots are a very personal gear item. Well, I guess not as personal as underwear. But with boot selection, hunters know immediately when they find the perfect boot for their foot conformation and their hunting style. And when you do find just that right boot, it's an extremely gratifying feeling.