Going After Late Season Geese? Try These Tips to Hoodwink Honkers

Hunting Canada geese late in the year is not an easy task, but when the winter storms in the north start pushing down those final flights of birds, hunters are going to take to the field. Having a good hunt on those harsh days is possible but takes preparation and work.

Canada Goose Hunting Basics, How & Where to Hunt

We waited in the middle of a plowed corn field, scanning the early morning skies above a small spread of hunting decoys. All was quiet for many minutes, and then in the distance, we heard the first melodic strains of flying geese.


10 Tips - Secrets for Hunting Early Geese

10 Tips for Hunting Canada Geese From the Avery Pro Staff

Hunting resident Canada geese during the early season can be feast or famine. The weather is warm, and geese often settle into established feeding and roosting patterns. Many birds also remain in tight-knit family groups at this time of year, making juvenile birds difficult to lure away from wary adults. Despite these challenges, great opportunities exist for goose hunters who are willing to do the work necessary to put themselves on the X.