What Argentina Doves Taught Me About Wingshooting

Although it might be a bit backward to make your first dove hunting trip a high-volume shoot in Argentina, there’s no question that this trial-by-fire provided me with a wealth of experience that might have otherwise taken years to acquire.

Dove Hunting Basics: Tips on Guns, Loads and Shooting (video)

Don't think it's tough to get started dove hunting. Before you hit the ground and start laying out dove decoys, you'll need a good gun, with the right loads. Then you'll need to know how to become a good wingshooter. This article about dove hunting should help you find the gun to get the job done.

5 Things to Do Before Dove Season Opening Day

When the quick passage of time has caught you on the short end of the preparation stick for the opening day of dove hunting season. Don't fret. A few weeks to prepare is better than no time at all. The following tips will help you play catch up and be ready for opening day.

1. Shoot Your Shotgun

Planting Isn't the Only Way to Attract Doves

Mourning doves are, without question, the most popular game birds in the United States, and perhaps in the entire world. And more and more, dove hunters and landowners are looking for ways to attract them to their property. For hunters, more doves equal more shooting opportunities.

Dove Hunting Watermelon Fields

Dove hunting in the Missouri Bootheel is centered around agriculture. Vast fields of corn, soybeans, milo, rice and wheat provide plentiful food supplies both from waste grain and annual weed seeds which grow in the crops. Corn is normally harvested prior to the September 1 dove opener, creating tens of thousands of acres of fresh food supplies. However, when crops are harvested late, usually due to wet spring weather, dove hunters have to hunt alternative food sources, including watermelon fields.

Dove Spots - Hunting Tip

My absolute favorite dove spot is a lone power pole, dead snag, or tree located in or near the middle of a harvested field. A spot like that offers a 360-degree view.

An overgrown ditch or gully that juts way out into a field is another good spot, as are corners and points along fence lines that sit squarely in the flight paths.

Sometimes you must set up in a row of trees bordering a field, but try to find a place where there is a gap or opening so you can get a clear view of doves rocketing in from behind.