12 Things to Know About Hunting the Four Phases of the Rut

For deer hunters, “the rut” is a magical time that elicits images of broad-shouldered bucks with swollen necks fighting for dominance and chasing does with abandon. It’s portrayed in TV shows as a time of all-day action, with bucks that were shy and wary suddenly abandoning that caution and becoming easy targets for hunters.

Deer Hunting: Acorns on the Ground Equals Buck and Does Down! (video)

With favorable winds for deer hunting the team puts tags on a few does. Then Rae gets in the stand to hunt a buck that is on a pattern for white oak acorns. See the hunt where Rae gets that buck in range and down! (00:01 - 11:45) Stay tuned to the end for Grant's tips on reading fresh sign and hanging treestands. (11:46 - 16:17)

Tips for Easy Fall Food Plots Plus Scouting and Patterning Bucks (video)

See one of the easiest ways to plant a fall food plot!  (0:00:59) Plus: meet the newest member of the team (02:11) and get an update on the food plots that were planted earlier (03:27) and why Grant chose these food plot varieties. Then check out new patterns on a hit list buck, Louie (07:17).

Deer Hunting: New Bucks Patterned, New Strategies, New Stands (video)

Deer hunting "how to" with : We're getting a pattern on some hit list bucks so it's time to hang a new stand! Watch as Daniel shares the how, where and why of this new treestand location. Plus, tips for early scouting to find and plan those prime hunting hot spots this fall!

Defeat a Buck's Nose by Becoming a Scent Control Freak

Tagging a mature whitetail buck is the cumulation of hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck. So why is it that what seems like a lifetime achievement for some hunters, is almost a yearly ritual for others?  Two words: Scent Elimination.

Shed Hunting Tips and Deer Habitat Improvements in Kansas (video)

Shed hunting is in full swing! Grant shares details on why bucks shed their antlers and where to hunt for them. (begins 03:33 )Then the team goes to Kansas to assist a land owner improve his property for better deer hunting. (begins 06:54)  Plus, see the latest from the local deer co-op meeting. (begins 18:11)  But first: updates on upcoming events with the GrowingDeer Team: Field Days and the NWTF convention. (0:01 - 02:54)

Deer Hunting | Big Buck, Big Story (video)

Hunting with The no. 1 hit list buck is down! It's a  hunting story that spans 4 years of encounters and hunts for this impressive buck.  Watch the video to see the story of "Southpaw" from beginning to the final hunt.

6 Easy Tips for Shed Hunting Success (video)

In most areas of the country, hunting season has officially come to a close. Many hunters have resigned themselves to a few months of laying on the couch or tinkering in the garage—dreaming of that first spring gobble echoing through the hills. For those in the know, however, there's still one season coming into its prime—shed hunting.

A National Treasure for Deer Hunters (video)

Deer hunters will love the new museum in Springfield, MO. Get a look inside the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and their important message of wildlife conservation! (01:30 - 07:06) Then conservation goes into real life practice as Daniel shows another safe trap for removing small predators. (07:07 - 11:52)  Watch as the hunting heritage is passed to a new generation when young Griffin shoots his first deer.  (11:53 - 16:36)

Deer Hunting Tactics Making Changes for the Season and Conditions (video)

Deer hunting with  Grant shares tactics for success as the deer season progresses. Daniel puts these tactics to use and tags 2 does from a newly expanded food plot. Also watch to see the Oklahoma muzzleloader hunt where Brandon shoots his first buck in 7 years! Plus: hunting tactics to use as scrape activity heats up again!  But first: A brief Christmas greeting!