Traditional Archery: Keeping Your Feathers Dry

Back in the days of the Old West, we're told the settlers always admonished each other to keep their powder dry. Well, I've always wondered if the natives didn't have their own version of it, because we traditional bowhunters certainly do. We say, "Keep your feathers dry."

Breaking Down the Different Bow Release Aids

The sheer amount of choices available in mechanical bow releases can be just plain intimidating to beginners and even frustrating at times to seasoned shooters searching for a new model. While countless options are nice, it can also be mind boggling. But one thing is certain – using a release will undoubtedly improve your shooting. It will decrease or eliminate string torque altogether, create more stable arrow flight by design, and foster consistency.

Archery Hunting Tips: Silence is Golden

You don't need to be an experienced bow hunter to understand the benefits of a quiet bow. Noisy bows can, on the draw or release, alert game animals to the imminent arrival of an arrow and sometimes contribute to the animal jumping the string.

Traditional Archery: Pulling Your Weight

PullingYourWeight blogJust as there are riflemen who believe bigger is better when it comes to calibres for big game, there are archers who believe that the heavier the draw weight of the bow, the more suited it is to hunting. In both cases, this isn't always true.