Teaching Young Bowhunters the Basics of Archery

When you encourage a young person to try archery, you're doing much more than simply introducing them to a new hobby or sport. You alone have the potential to ensure a thriving future for archery and bowhunting. You can assure the enjoyment and support of hunting for future generations. You'll be instilling values and ethics and a sincere appreciation for the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it, as well as a wealth of information about hunting safety, laws and outdoor knowledge.

The Women of the Archery Hall of Fame

If you're not very familiar with the history of archery, then you might be surprised to find that 14 of the 72 inductees into the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum are women. The Museum, located at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo., has several displays dedicated to these women — many of whom helped popularize target archery in the '40s, '50s and '60s.


A Closer Look at the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum

For 40 years, the Archery Hall of Fame has been inducting those who significantly contributed to the sport — helping to preserve history and recognize trailblazers. But the Hall existed in name alone, with no permanent place to honor inductees. That is until November 2012, when the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum officially opened inside Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo.

The 3,500-square-foot space on the store’s fourth floor offers a unique look into the past, from the row of Hall of Fame inductees sketched into glass to artifacts such as Geronimo’s bow and quiver.

Kentucky Students Dominate 2013 Archery Championships

Kentucky students dominated the World Archery Championships as students from 22 states and 2 provinces in Canada, representing 175 schools, met in St. Louis, Mo., at America Center and Edward Jones Dome in late June to compete in the 2013 National Archery in the Schools Program World Championship. Student archers earned their way into this event by qualifying at their receptive NASP events.