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The Best Barracuda Fishing Tackle & Tactics for a Winter Angling Getaway (video)

When snows fall deep and cold winds blow, it’s hard not to dream about fishing the flats in a sunny tropical setting. But if you book a trip and expect to catch thin-water “stars” of the angling world like permit, tarpon, and bonefish, your chances for disappointment run high.

5 Tips About Leaders for Toothy Fish (video)

From bluefish to mackerel, kings to 'cudas—not to mention pike and muskie in fresh water—toothy species have a special allure. They also require specialized terminal tackle for consistent victory.

Tip: Learn more about building heavy fluorocarbon leaders in the video below

Cast an Artificial Crab for Saltwater Success

Redfish, tarpon, and pompano all have one thing in common—they can't turn down a crab snack. While live crabs are often the appetizer of choice, trapping or catching them can be a real challenge. The good news is that there are some very good crab imitations that are a whole lot more durable and easier to handle. Here's a look at some good options.

The Skinny on Artificial Shrimp Fishing Lures

Many plastic imitation lures are successful, but almost none are as good as the real thing. That's not the case, however, with some soft plastic shrimp.  Properly rigged, these amazing lures can not only match live bait, but may even out-fish it at times.

Choosing the Perfect Cast Net

You can buy a cast net for $25, but these are basically toys suitable only for catching a few minnows while you're on vacation. Good cast fishing nets start at about $125 and go up to more than $300. But properly cared for, they will last many years and produce tons of bait with minimum effort on your part.

Types of Fish Caught Off a Fishing Pier

In the Gulf Coast, beachfront public piers draw all kinds of fishermen this time of year because they attract all kinds of fish. Pier fishing is very different from surf fishing in terms of how much space you have, the fishing tecnique and tackle you'll use. Savvy anglers know that under the right conditions, the best place to catch fish is from a pier.

Spearfishing: Take Your Hunt Underwater

My wife, Lisa, and I have been heading to the Florida Keys for a decade to enjoy our annual vacations. After a few trips, we were able to make friends with many of the locals who have broadened my horizons on the diversity of the saltwater fishing and sporting opportunities in their backyards.

Fishing Hook Extractor Buying Guide

Sometimes it's more of a trick to get the hooks OUT of a fish than it is to get them in. When practicing catch and release, removing hooks quickly and with minimal damage is important.  It's a big determinant in whether or not the fish survives to fight again.


Good dehookers can make a huge difference in freeing a fish without lasting damage, either to you or to the victim. While standard long-nose pliers will often do the job, there are now much better tools on the market. Here's a quick look at several types I've found to be highly effective:

10 Tips for Planning a Florida Snook Trip

Snook are Florida’s premiere inshore gamefish. There are tens of thousands thriving along the state’s west coast these days, but the species can be surprisingly difficult to catch for visiting anglers without a bit of guidance. Here are a few tips that might put you on that first linesider: