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Ice Shelter Buyer's Guide

If you’ve been bit by the ice-fishing bug, you naturally want to buy your own ice shelter. And if you want to bring some friends along, you’ll probably want to get the biggest, baddest shelter possible. This kind of enthusiasm is great, but it can lead you to purchase a shelter that might not be the right fit for you.


The Best Ice Fishing Lure Styles to Catch Yellow Perch

Yellow perch are fun to catch on the ice. While they are often willing biters, there are times when having a specific fishing lure makes a huge difference in the size and number of perch you can catch. Here are several lure styles you’ll want include for any ice perch adventure.

Brian Brosdahl’s Best Ice Fishing Locations for Panfish (video)

Minnesota guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl spends most of the winter finding and catching big bluegill, crappie, and other panfish through the ice. Bro’s recipe for ice fishing success is simple. First, locate productive areas using a sonar and an underwater camera. Next, determine the “spot-on the-spot” where the biggest panfish live, then refine jigging baits and tactics until fish of jaw-dropping proportions start biting.

Finding Quality Fishing Spots in Fall Leads to Better Ice Fishing

How locating fish and bottom transitions in fall is essential to great ice fishing.

By Luke Lovrek - Humminbird


As temperatures begin to drop and the leaves begin to fall, many northern anglers start to prepare for the boat winterization process, deer hunting season and the holidays. This is a time of the year that can provide critical information and honey holes for hard water fishing.

Pinpointing Walleyes During Early Ice

Small lakes can provide excellent ice fishing opportunities early in the winter! While it is tempting to head out on the lake as soon as it freezes over, I like to wait until there is 4-6 inches of ice. Even then, if there is any question in your mind about the thickness, you should use a spud to constantly check the ice depth as you go out. If it is less than four inches, you should turn around and come back when it is safer.

Ice Fishing: High-Low Water Levels and Winter Trout

Fluctuating water levels can throw winter trout anglers a curve on lakes across the Ice Belt. But they don't have to keep you from putting fish on the ice. Armed with the right approach, you can still enjoy banner catches whether your favorite lake is high, low or somewhere in between.