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15 Facts and Tips to Fishing a Variety of Fish in The Spring

Catch a Mixed Bag of Fish Species With These Early Season Strategies

Rare is the fishermen who focuses on one species alone to the exclusion of all others. Some anglers even add excitement to their day by trying for several fish species during a single outing on the water. To help with the goal of catching a variety of gamefish, here are 15 tips, focused specifically on the challenges of early season fishing.

This Simple Fishing Bait is One of the Most Versatile at Catching Fish

The humble grub is one of the simplest fishing baits ever invented. But it’s also one of the most versatile lures you can tie on your line. It will catch bass and a variety of other gamefish in almost any fishing situation. No wonder some anglers call it the “day saver.”

Blessed to Be a Pro Angler

by Dave Landahl


So many anglers across the bass fishing universe dream of one day fishing for a living. Sure, many, if not more, don't want to turn their hobby into a job, but somewhere down deep the idea of fishing as your career is pretty alluring.


The few who've been able to make that fantasy a reality are certainly some of the most blessed people out there who've followed a dream and turned it into something real.


Randall Tharp: Tips for Square Bill Crankbait Success

Bassmaster Elite fishing pro Randall Tharp uses a square bill crankbait to catch bass year round.  From Lake Okeechobee to Lake Champlain, for largemouth and smallmouth, the Florida pro relies on a squarebill’s versatility to cover water and put a limit of bass in the boat as well as catch big ones. Here he explains where and how to fish a squarebill crankbait for bass in the fall.

Crankin' in Creeks

Randall Tharp Explains How to Fish the Neko Rig

The Neko Rig is one of the hottest finesse fishing techniques right now for bass. Here, Bassmaster Elite Pro Randall Tharp explains this very cool technique, shares what the rig consists of and all you need to know about this versatile presentation.

What is a Neko Rig?

Fishing: Kevin VanDam Shares His Jerkbait Crash-Course (video)

Kevin VanDam is well-known as not only the best tournament angler of all-time, but arguably the best angler to wield a jerkbait as well. He’s amassed millions of dollars throughout his career throwing jerkbaits in every season and in situations other anglers might shake their head at.

Why Water Temperature Plays a Role in Your Fishing Success

Temperature change, and how fish react to the mercury climbing or dipping, is important knowledge for fishermen. Knowing how fish react to their environment and throughout the various seasons can help hone your approach and improve your catch rates.

Catch Just About Any Fish With Shad Lures on Jigheads (video)

If you’re looking for a versatile fishing lure, one of the best artificials you can turn to is a soft-plastic shad lure rigged on a jig head. You could probably catch just about any fish that swims with this simple, inexpensive lure.

A Lure with Broad-based Effectiveness

4 Types of Lights for Night Fishing

Anglers across the hemisphere are seeking solice from the summer heat. The best way to do that is night fishing.

More and more folks want to try night fishing and I don't blame them. During your adventures in the dark you will need a few things to make it easier.