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Top 4 Baits to Catch Crappie

When the weather finally starting to warm up into spring, you can guarantee that the crappie are going to go into a frenzy. Once the water temps hit right around 50 degrees, they’ll move to shallower water and feed until the water gets closer to 60, when they’ll start spawning.

Spring Time Crappie Tips With Jason Mitchell

Crappie fishing is a right of passage signaling spring for many anglers.  Pre Spawn fishing opportunities are often consistent and coveted.  Might not be a better time during the entire calendar year to target panfish.  Locations and presentations are fairly straight forward and in many cases, spring crappie locations are no secret.  The staff at Jason Mitchell Outdoors offers a few insights on how to capitalize on this tremendous fishing opportunity, offer

Crappie Facts: The Highs and Lows of Crappie Fishing (infographic)

Do you want to catch more crappie? Good anglers know the real secret to catching more fish is knowledge. Knowing the best fishing tackle as well as when and where to search for crappie will improve your success rate dramatically.

Strategies You Can Use to Contact Crappie Through The Ice

So many first ice fishing crappie locations can be somewhat predictable. Troughs, dips, channels and holes seem to concentrate crappie in the fall and these general locations seem to hold into the winter.

Plan a Crappie Fishing Trip to Any of These Top 7 Waters in Virginia

Some states like South Carolina and Kentucky are legendary for their crappie fishing. But the fact is the Old Dominion (Virginia) is no slouch when it comes to this speckled black and white fish, either. And fall through early winter is one of the best times to catch them.

Where to Find Great Crappie Fishing in March (video)

March usually has several days of warming weather, and it is the time when crappie start moving from their deepwater homes to shallow spawning areas. Be mindful that not all crappie spawn at the same time, but most will spawn during a few days of ideal conditions and the rest will spawn early or some later. Also consider regions, the start of crappie spawing can begin in early March in the Southern United States and moving North as late as June in Southern Canada.

Locating Early Ice Slabs

We finally have good ice across Minnesota and beyond and this early ice is a wonderful time to find some serious crappie action. Crappie can become quite predictable in natural lakes if you know where to look. Here are a few of the spots to check early on for the best ice fishing spots.