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Cooler Buyer's Guide

The modern cooler looks and performs much differently than the most popular models from a decade ago. They keep contents colder for longer using efficient insulation and improved construction. If it’s been a while since you upgraded, it might be time to raise your expectations for cooler capabilities.
Coolers are essential for your outdoor adventures. There are plenty on the market to choose from. For simplicity, we’ll break down the buying decision into two questions: What type of cooler do I need and what size do I need?

Top 25 Bass Pro Shops Gift Ideas Your Friends & Family Will Love

We know what you’re experiencing right now. It’s beginning to feel a lot like stress. It’s the stress of not knowing what to get your family members and friends for the holidays, which are coming up quickly. But don’t worry, Bass Pro Shops is here to lend a helping hand and get your gift giving self right back on track with outdoor gift ideas this year. Your friends and family are sure to be amazed.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Friends and Family

You can tell it’s close to the holiday season when certain family members keep mentioning things are “cute” or “awesome” or other words that indicate the item they are talking about is certainly worthy of notice. It might even look good when wrapped up in something red or green and tied with a ribbon.

Winter Boots Buyer's Guide

Winter means different things in different parts of the country. Considering it might dump 24" of snow overnight in the Rockies, pour 2" of rain in 24 hours in the Pacific Northwest or send the mercury plunging to -30°F in the Midwest, winter creates a special set of needs for winter footwear no matter where you are.

Campsite Games for Groups

Maximize the fun on your next outdoor adventure with these great campsite games.

While there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied in the great outdoors, it doesn't hurt to take along a few games to keep everyone entertained. From horseshoes to Catchphrase, here are some games to make your next camping trip even more fun.

Horseshoes: For That Competitive Edge
If a weekend away with friends isn't complete without some sort of competition, horseshoes is the perfect game to take along. You need minimal gear, just a set of horseshoes and two stakes.

Ascend Hoodoo 20°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

I knew that I made the right decision, as I laid there warm and surrounded by deposits of small white ice crystals that neighbored my makeshift bed watching the cloud of my crisp breath fade away.

While only months earlier, I was holding the Cabelas’ 20º Ascend Hoodoo Mummy Bag in my hands for the first time - I was now confident enough in its performance to permanently add it to my gear list for the 2019 season.

Handheld GPS Buyer's Guide and Tips

With rocket-science terminology and ambiguous acronyms, potential GPS buyers may find it’s easier to find their way out of the mountains without a GPS than it is to purchase one. Although there are some highly technical terms, choosing the right one for you can be fairly simple.