Outdoor Cooking

How to Care and Season Cast Iron Cookware (video)

If you’re a serious camper – short of somebody who carries camp on his or her own back – chances are you probably look at a cast iron skillet and Dutch oven as core to your camping gear. Cast iron is the original non-stick cooking surface. With a skillet and a Dutch oven, there’s basically nothing you can’t cook in camp … at least anything a hungry camper wouldn’t want to eat.

The Most Insanely Delicious S’mores Recipes You’ve Never Heard Of

S’mores are a camping and backyard cooking staple. Combining graham crackers, milk chocolate bars, and creamy gooey toasted marshmallows … what’s not too like? But what if you could make s’mores even better? Dare we say, even more decadent? Would you?

12 Cool Gifts for the Outdoor Cook

camp shopHave you got a camp cook … or at least a wannabe … on your gift buying list for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day … or just because? Consider yourself lucky! You’re never going to run out of great gift ideas.

Ode to Jerky – The ULTIMATE Camping Food

Jerky – real handmade, artisan jerky made from meticulously cared for strips of real, lean meat – is the ULTIMATE camping food. It has been for a long, long time all around the world. There are versions of jerky originating from every inhabited corner of the globe. Before refrigeration, there was a big time need for a way to preserve meat. Drying it and salting it was the way to do that.

Kid-Friendly Fun and Delicious Camp Cooking Ideas

Cooking over an open flame is one of the joys of camping. After a long day outdoors, nothing gets the stomach growling like the sizzle of a great meal.

While campfire cooking is fun, it can also be a little daunting to first-timers or families with children. The following five options are easy, safe, and best of all, delicious!

Make Your Cast Iron Cookware Last a Lifetime (video)

The savory aroma of dinner sizzling in a cast iron skillet intertwined with the smoke from a campfire is a fitting end to a great day outdoors. Cast iron cookware is durable, easy to use, and adds special charm to any camp or outing. Here are a few tips to help it last a lifetime: