How to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready

Whether you own a sit-in or a sit-on-top model, outfitting a kayak for fishing isn't much different than outfitting any other boat. The small size and storage limitations of these vessels usually create the biggest challenges when outfitting a kayak. But don't fret — there's plenty of gear to help turn your kayak into a full-fledged fishing machine. 

Anchor Trolley System for Kayaking - Do I Need One?

Why would I need a kayak anchor trolley? I hear that question quite a bit. Many people are confused on exactly what an anchor trolley does and how it can benefit them when fishing. For the record, an anchor trolley is a way for anglers fishing from a kayak to gain control and flexibility of their boat in situations where the weather or water could prevent them from catching fish.

Three Safety Tools You Should Have When Kayak Fishing (video)

When thinking about kayaking, fishing and kayak fishing accessories, some of the things that many people overlook are safety accessories. Over the last decade I’ve come to rely on three safety tools that have proven worthwhile in emergent and less than desirable conditions.

3 Rigging Ideas to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready (video)

Many anglers start storing their kayaks for the winter around the first of December and don’t break them out again until March. Instead of shelving your kayak for four months, now is the time to do some rigging.

Three Places to do Fall River Fishing Out of a Kayak (video)

In the Southern United States river fishing has year long possibilities for bass fishing, especially out of a kayak. One of my favorite times is Fall. While many ways to catch river bass exist for Fall fishing, these three are my favorite places to locate fish in a river.

How to Pick the Right Kayak Paddle (video)

One of the first questions a first time kayak owner asks, usually before getting out of the store, is "What paddle should I get?".

The problem with the question is not every paddler has the same boat, does the same things, is the same height and has the same financial resources. A few resources exist but usually it is a recommendation or a price point that causes a new kayak owner to buy the paddle they get.

What Not to Wear in a Kayak: Fall and Winter Edition

As the weather gets cooler across the country over the next month, your kayaking wardrobe is going to start to change. The natural instinct is to layer, which is correct, but the wrong layers can be dangerous.

Don't Choose the Wrong Fabric for Layers

3 Reasons You Need a Fish Finder for Your Kayak

Anglers who fish from kayaks often start doing so for simplicity but before long, the thoughts of installing a fish finder surface. While a fish finder may not be for every kayak angler, these three reasons present a good case for installing one.

A Fish Finder Finds the Bait