How to Plan the Perfect Overnight Float Trip

So you’re ready to cast off the bowlines, drift away from the campground, and spend your first night sleeping on the riverbank? Don’t worry, planning an overnight float trip is not as daunting as you think, and the work is well worth the reward.

Shopping for the Right Fishing Kayak? Answer These Five Questions

Kayaks are great fishing craft, better than a boat in a lot of situations. For small ponds or waters with limited access, a kayak is a great way to get on the water and after fish. These little boats also are good for many rivers where shallows keep larger boats out.

The Perfect Spring Fishing Trio: From a Kayak, To Docks, For Crappie (video)

Crappies are called “America’s favorite panfish” for a number of reasons. They are willing biters, fun to catch and taste great in the pan. The only tricky part—usually—is finding where to fish them. Since crappies tend to orient toward cover, whether that cover is downed timber, brushpiles or docks, the first step is to find some.

How to Build a Winter Kayaking Safety Kit (video)

Kayaking in the winter can be very enjoyable but it does present risky situations that you must be prepared for. Consider the unpredictability of the cold weather and how it presents many challenging survival scenarios to winter paddlers and kayak anglers. One of the most helpful items which is seldom discussed is a cold water safety kit.

Thinking About Trying Offshore Kayak Fishing? Read This!

If you're thinking about catching saltwater fish from a kayak while offshore. You'll need to prepare for a far different experience from using a powerboat. And, after reading this article and you do decide to do offshore fishing from a kayak. You'll be among the many anglers who are finding a lot of satisfaction in paddling and catching fish.

3 Kayak Fall Fishing Accessories

Unlike summer, fall fishing from a kayak can be a little more difficult. The winds are back, the weather starts cool and can get warmer or cooler depending on the forecast, and fish just aren’t as easy to find without the right tools. These three kayak fishing accessories will help you succeed in your kayak angling adventures this fall.

Prepare Yourself for Winter Kayak Paddling (video)

Winter kayak fishing can be a great escape from the hustle and bustle in town. To do so in most areas you’ll need to beef up your wardrobe since the temperature will be around or below freezing for the next few months. The following five things should be on your list for making kayak fishing in the winter a much more enjoyable time.

How Does a Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Work? (video)

Are you curious about how kayak fishing tournaments work? Kayak bass fishing tournaments share a lot of similarities with the bass boat tournaments of the FLW and Bassmasters but significant differences can make a first tournament tricky. Knowing exactly how it works is the first step.

Summer Kayaking: 6 Cool Summer Sun Protection Ideas

Summer, especially in the south, brings lots of fun in the sun. Plenty of options are available to make sure your fun doesn’t result in a burn. Nobody wants to spend Day 2 of their vacation smeared in aloe vera gel and walking like a zombie.


Top Life Jacket Ideas for Summer Fun on the Kayak

Summer means fun on the water with kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and canoes. It also means the temperatures are climbing and with the exertion of paddling or pedaling, people will want to cool off. A temptation for many is to shed that bulky life jacket to cool off and while legally you can in most states, it can be dangerous.