Boating Information

Being a Good Boat Partner

Accepting an invitation to join a friend on his or her boat for a day of fishing is a privilege.  As with many potential relationships, your conduct during the outing will have a lot to do with being asked again. This compilation of dos and don'ts should help ensure that second date.

Do Chip in for Fuel

Boater's Guide to the Bimini Crossing

Bimini, a chain of islands located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas, lies only 48 nautical miles east of Miami, Florida. For U.S. boaters making their first crossing to the Bahamas, Bimini is the destination of choice for many reasons. For one, the Bahamas are one of the most "boating-friendly" of America's adjacent subtropical neighbors. If you've not been there before, you're in for a splendorous treat.

Three Tools for Better Boat Control

Boat control is a critical success factor no matter which species you're chasing. Being able to maneuver a boat as well as maintain its position on rich fishing grounds are skills every angler should strive to master. Like many things, expertise comes with practice and plenty of time on the water.

Boat Seat Buyer's Guide

Quality boat seats can make a big difference when it comes to boating comfort. Anglers, hunters and pleasure boaters all rely on seats to keep their watercraft comfortable for their back and backsides. Whatever your boat seat needs, rest assured there are plenty of options to fit the bill. This guide provides an overview of the various styles, constructions and uses for boat seats.

How to Gain Experience Navigating Shallow-Draft Fishing Boats

Any attempt to describe how to run shallow rivers is beyond the scope of this article, perhaps any article, since this is a classic example of experience being the best teacher. The trick is gaining that experience navigating a shallow draft boat without cracking a hull or smacking the jet's intake foot. The following tips should help you accomplish that.

Boat Navigation Considerations