Boating Information

Boating Safety: Getting it Right

 While there are numerous safety and regulatory rules governing boats that focus on keeping everyone aboard safe, there are also many misunderstandings and myths. If you deviate into one of the gray areas and are caught, the fine could be costly. So what are the areas, and what are the answers? Believe it or not, every time a boat pulls up to a dock or ramp, the situation on board can change.

Basics of Launching a Boat (video)

Boat launch activity can range from placid to pandemonium — or anywhere in between. Line-ups and on-the-ramp mishaps can send impatient individual's stress-levels soaring; conversely a vacant launch on a calm day is a welcome sight to any boater. Boat launches are often busy, but they don't have to be chaotic. Here are some tips for keeping your boat launch experiences running as smooth as the drag of a new fishing reel.

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Boating Safety Kit

When planning a trip out on the water, most typically start their checklist with the basics: fishing license, spinning rod, bait-casting rod, back-up rod, bait, snacks, sunscreen, nautical maps, tide chart, GPS, lucky ball cap and life jackets.

Boat Launch Etiquette

For all the relaxation fishing and boating can provide, it's amazing the level of stress often experienced at the launch ramp. Much of the tension can be avoided by simply adhering to a code of boat launch etiquette.  

Use the Tie-down Area to Prep and Button-down the Boat