Hiking Gear

Two hikers on a mountain

Beginner's Guide to Safe Hiking Tips & the Best Gear (video)

April 24, 2020
In this how-to program we will focus on hiking and all of the basic skills and hiking equipment, clothing and boots you will need to have for a great new outdoor experience with friends and family.…
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Hiking Boots Buyer's Guide

April 20, 2019
Hiking boots have come a long way since the 1980s when athletic-shoe-style hiking boots were first introduced. We’re also now wearing them for a more versatile array of outdoor adventures from…
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So Many Reasons to Own a Jump Starting Battery Pack

December 10, 2018
Having a portable jump starting battery pack is a good idea if you’re an outdoors enthusiast. Whether camping or hunting in a remote wooded area, fishing in the middle of the lake, or on the side of…
News & Tips: Demystify Map and Compass With Easy Orienteering Tips Anyone Can Use...

Demystify Map and Compass With Easy Orienteering Tips Anyone Can Use

November 7, 2014
Declination, triangulation, contour lines, scale … with lots of jargon and no “on/off” switch involved, navigation with a map and compass can be daunting for first-timers. But it doesn’t have to be.…
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12 Camping Gear Items Designed to Make Your Fall Trips Even More Amazing

October 16, 2014
Those planning to go camping this fall have a host of exciting products to check out. 1. Bass Pro Shops First Aid Kits – The entire line has been revamped with the help of industry leader Adventure…
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5 Essential Items for Every Daypack

August 22, 2014
Day hiking for most folks is a much needed, quick getaway from life's demands. An easy walk along a paved trail at a metro park or a 3- or 4-mile trek up a mountain and back can attract different…
News & Tips: 9 Ways to Use a Knife for Survival

9 Ways to Use a Knife for Survival

August 17, 2014
A knife is widely regarded as the single most important survival tool for those who venture into the wilderness. It can obviously cut things — an important task in the woods — but with a little know-…
News & Tips: Take Your Kids on Night Hikes & Open Whole New World to Hiking...

Take Your Kids on Night Hikes & Open Whole New World to Hiking

June 20, 2014
Several years ago, me, the wife and our two kids attended an organized night hike at a nearby arboretum. The kids were only in their single digit years but were no stranger to hiking. Most of their…
News & Tips: Daypack Buyer's Guide

Daypack Buyer's Guide

October 2, 2013
When it's time to take a hike down a trail, the most important choice you'll face (next to what you plan to carry with you) will be what you will carry everything in. When a fanny pack is too small,…
News & Tips: Going on a Backpack Vacation? Here's a Basic List of Gear You'll Need...

Going on a Backpack Vacation? Here's a Basic List of Gear You'll Need

July 29, 2013
If you're coming out west on vacation don't just set a round a dude Ranch and step in poodle ***. Grab a backpack and go backpacking for a night or two. Why set around a cabin and think that you've…
News & Tips: Hiking Boot Buyer's Guide

Hiking Boot Buyer's Guide: It's Time to Find a Good Pair

June 28, 2013
Like so many purchases today, buying a pair of hiking boots may seem easy, but one quickly learns that finding boots to fit your feet and your hiking needs is time consuming. Buying the right boots…
News & Tips: Choosing the Right Hiking Socks

Choosing the Right Hiking Socks

June 12, 2013
Quality hiking socks are just as important as proper fitting hiking boots to ensure comfort on the trails. Properly fitting hiking socks are one of the most important pieces of outdoor equipment.…