Inside The Duck Hunter's Blind Bag

All the essentials you’ll need for a day of waterfowling

Back in the day, duck hunters didn’t carry blind bags into the field. I know my pop, now 75, and I didn’t. And the reason was simple: We didn’t need them because we didn’t carry much stuff.

My dad’s gear consisted of an old Olt D-2 call, which he never blew, a couple packs of Camel Lights, the Zippo lighter he had in Vietnam, and half a box of handloaded lead #5s. I, being a kid just into my teens, carried neither Camels nor Zippo, choosing instead to use that space for additional ammunition. Lots and lots of ammunition.

Today, though, things have changed, and duck hunters pack myriad odds and ends afield. This change created a need for something to transport all this gear. Enter the blind bag.

Truthfully, just about anything can serve as a blind bag. However, thanks to folks like the waterfowl experts at Cabela’s, packs specifically designed with the duck hunter in mind have been created.

What’s inside these bags of mystery? Let’s start with my latest pack, the Cabela’s Northern Flight Ultimate Walk-In Blind Bag, and take a look at the contents.

Box (25) Winchester Xpert 3-inch No. 3 steel
I’m a fan of the smallest shot size possible, without going to extremes. Number 3 steel is the No. 5 lead of today, and I like that.

Box (10) Hevi-Shot 3-inch No. 2
If it’s goose season and a honker happens by, I want to be ready with something other than steel No. 3s.

Zink Power Hen Single Reed
Great sounding, easy to blow and extremely versatile. Provides all the volume I need on windy days or when I’m hunting big water.

Cabela’s Northern Flight SLD-2 Double Reed
Subtle call, great for in-close work or when the birds are acting nervous.

Duck Commander PW-1 Whistle
Perfect for widgeon, sprig, green-wing teal and drake mallards, birds that have a tendency to ignore traditional hen-mallard quacks.

Bill Saunder Refuge Series HP Honker short reed
Like the Hevi-Shot, just in case.

DT Systems’ Micro iDT e-collar and transmitter
Although she’s a good dog, Sadie Mae does need a reminder every now and again. The DT Systems Micro iDT has proved an excellent all-round collar.

ThermaCELL Unit
Early season means mosquitoes, and I hate mosquitoes. These units are the best $20 you’ll ever spend, hands down.

Hunter’s Specialties Camo Compact
I hate wearing a head net when I wingshoot, but I like to cover this ugly mug of mine. The H.S. Compact makes the task easy, and the mirror comes in handy when I’m trying to dig something out of my eye.

Brown jersey gloves
They cost 99 cents and have 1,001 uses. Enough about that one.

Sundries kit in zip-top plastic bag containing the following items: Carmex, ibuprofen, Rolaids, Q-tips, assortment of safety pins, tweezers, bandages, dental floss, 36 inches of No. 550 paracord, pen, Super Glue, small penlight and a flat roll of duct tape

Oh, and toilet paper, also in a zip-top bag. Never forget toilet paper.