End of Season Firearm Maintenance

Rifle & firearm cleaning supplies

If you've ever had a hunt or day at the range end early due to malfunction, jam or obstruction, you know the importance of a well-maintained firearm. At 16, Doreen Garrett had a whitetail-deer hunt end prematurely due to a trip through the mud. With no way to clear the mud from the barrel of her grandfather's rifle, she headed back to camp empty-handed. Doreen grew up to become the founder and CEO of Otis Technology, creating a cleaning system that ensures no one has to relive her unfortunate hunt.

Bullets Travel From Breech to Muzzle: So Should Your Cleaning System

Not only is cleaning important, but regular maintenance is as well. Keeping your firearm in peak condition gives you the following benefits:

  • Ensures accuracy
  • Fends off future malfunctions
  • Protects your investments

Otis products are manufactured right here in the U.S. with high-quality materials to the highest industry standards.

Traditional gun care and maintenance has focused on solid rods and cleaning from muzzle end of the barrel. The Otis Breech-to-Muzzle method offers several benefits to both improved cleaning the preservation of your firearm. By cleaning Breech-to-Muzzle you:

  • Pull out fouling in the natural direction of the bullet. Traditional methods push from the muzzle in, leaving fouling deposits in the action.

  • Eliminate damage to the bore. Cleaning components are made of brass and Memory-Flex® cables are coated to prevent scratching and internal firearm damage.

  • Clean quickly and thoroughly. Otis Memory-Flex® cables are flexible and can enter the action to clean properly and effectively without the need to break down the firearm.