Creative Twists On S'Mores

No camping trip is complete without the number-one camping dessert: s'mores. You know the drill: Layer a graham cracker with chocolate squares and toasted marshmallow and top with another graham cracker, smoosh, ooze, nibble, devour.

Whether the first bite brings back memories of childhood or is the first step to creating new ones, s'mores are a classic camping tradition.

The Girl Scouts first published the recipe in 1927 and campers still follow it word for word. But this time-honored chocolate and marshmallow sandwich is screaming for innovation. Try one of these twists on the beloved classic s'more:

Strawberry and White Chocolate S'mores
If you have a glamper (glamour camper) among the crew, it is time to put on your fancy pants and try a gourmet variety. Start with a traditional graham cracker square. Replace the regular chocolate with some white chocolate, top with a toasted marshmallow and sliced strawberries and then add the graham cracker topper.

Inside-Out S'more
Before roasting your marshmallow, stuff the middle with a Rolo candy, the little bite-sized chocolates filled with caramel. Once the marshmallow is hot and crispy, press between two graham crackers. You have just created an inside-out s'more.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan S'mores
You can replace graham crackers with rice cakes, but be sure to add plenty of vegan-style marshmallows and dairy-free chocolate for flavor. Too few ingredients and all you get is rice cake.

Other varieties take extra preparation, as most of the recipes call for homemade graham crackers. If you do not have time for that or are not savvy in the kitchen, visit your local health food store for a graham-style crackers free of gluten, nuts and dairy.

S'mores Trifles
To keep your face free of goo, try a layered approach in a cup that you eat with a spoon. Here is the rundown:

- Bottom layer: graham cracker crumbs

- Second layer: hazelnut spread

- Third: toasted marshmallows

- Fourth: sliced berries

- Fifth: hazelnut spread

- Sixth: toasted marshmallows

- Top with sliced strawberries

S'more Burritos
Spread peanut butter on a tortilla. Line center of tortilla with untoasted mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. Fold sides in and roll tortilla like a burrito, so it is nice and tight. Wrap in foil, put on the hot coals and let the flavors melt together. Let cool for a minute before sinking your teeth into the s'more burrito.

Mini Pretzel S'mores
For those wanting a bite-sized treat, mini pretzel s'mores offer just that. Cut an untoasted marshmallow in half and roast over fire. Place the marshmallow on a mini pretzel and top with a piece of chocolate. Top with another pretzel and pop in your mouth.

Super Simple Twists
Lemon Meringue Pie S'mores: For the lemon pie lovers of the bunch, simply replace the chocolate with lemon curd.

Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores: Replace graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies and wrap in foil to heat by the fire.

Strawberries and Cream S'mores: Replace chocolate with sweetened cream cheese and top with sliced strawberries and toasted marshmallows.

Sweet Potato S'mores: Replace chocolate bars with brown sugar-roasted sweet potatoes slices.