Hunting Gear: Under Armour Hunting Kits - Any Season. Every Advantage.

News & Tips: Hunting Gear: Under Armour Hunting Kits - Any Season. Every Advantage....

Every hunting season has its quirks, so you can’t expect to utilize the same gear over and over. Your winter gear won’t hold up to the scorching heat ofshop under armour hunting summer, so why limit yourself? You need to keep up with the evolutionary advantages of the wild to outlast your prey. Under Armour's advanced kit system has the best options for every adventure.

Redefining What it Means to Prepare for the Hunt

By introducing seasonal kits, we’ve redefined what it means to prepare for the hunt. Each series utilizes essential technologies and design features to aide and assist in multiple conditions. Quick-drying fabrics with Under Armour Scent Control Technology prevent sweat build-up, while our proprietary Under Armour Storm technology helps repel water easily. A reversible design pattern switches readily between environments, and more importantly, lets you track your prey quietly with an innovative fabric construction that provides noise reduction.

To fight these changing weather patterns, we created the Stealth Reaper™ camo hunting clothing series. Though it applies the Under Armour camo patterns found in the Ridge Reaper® series (read more about our camo here), this collection includes wool kits that are engineered with Threadborne™ for incredible comfort and stretch.

Under Armour Has a Hunting Gear Kit for Every Season

This gear has you covered whether it’s warm, cool, or bitterly cold out there. Under Armour ambassador Lee Lakosky explains why this is a necessity. “We run into every weather condition you can imagine during a single season and that is why we rely on Under Armour gear.  From the scorching desert heat of New Mexico to the wind and driving rain of Kodiak, to the bitter cold hours in sub-zero temps in a tree stand in Iowa, Under Armour has a kit for that.”

Eary Season Hunt Kit

In hotter temperatures, the Under Armour Early Season Hunt Kit has the right amount of fit and functionality. Designed for temperatures 60-plus (60°F/15.55°C), this collection wicks sweat away to help you go undetected when the heat is on.

Mid Season Hunt Kit

Under Armour Mid Season Hunt Kits arrive as temperatures start to drop between 30-60°F (-1.11/15.55°C). With ultra-warm fleece and next-to-skin performance wool, you’ll feel lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing the mobility you need to keep going.

Extreme Season Hunt Kit

When it’s the coldest–and we mean really cold–seek out the Under Armour Extreme Season Hunt Kit to keep the frigid weather at bay. We’re talking 30°F (-1.11°C) and below. Here, performance stretch wool and field-tested Primaloft® insulation create the perfect combination of warmth thanks to the lightweight feel and comfort it provides.

Under Armour Has You Covered With Advantages for Every Season

If you’re hunting year-round, the Stealth Reaper™ series has you covered from week to weekend. Wherever you end up, it’s important that you have the right gear for the right environment with product that protects, elevates, masks your scent and improves performance.

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