Build Your Own Walk-In Cooler

For decades, walk-in coolers have required heavy, expensive and inefficient refrigeration units – a barrier that has kept thousands from being able to justify owning one. That barrier has been torn down by the innovative CoolBot® controller. This simple temperature-control device has completely revolutionized the industry by allowing you to use a standard window-mount air conditioner to refrigerate your walk-in cooler. Now you can save thousands of dollars on a walk-in cooler, and you’ll save even more thanks to your A/C’s increased electrical efficiency compared to standard refrigeration units. Over 35,000 hunters, farmers, florists, breweries and other users have made the switch to CoolBot.

CoolBot’s advantages for hunters are endless. Build your own walk-in cooler in a shop or garage. Outfit an existing cooler. You can even build a portable cooler using a standard enclosed trailer, so whether you’re at home or on the road, you’ll be able to keep your harvest preserved and even obtain the benefits of aging wild-game meat. That means no more worrying about spoiling meat or fitting everything in a standard portable cooler – two of the greatest problems faced by hunters. Plus, CoolBot works equally well in hot and cold climates – it’s the perfect option for hunters across the nation.

The best part of owning a CoolBot is the unmatched ease of use. With a properly insulated room, CoolBot’s simple controls let you dial in a custom temperature down to 34°F without having to worry about freezing up the fins on your A/C unit. If you don’t own an insulated room or trailer, building one is simple – CoolBot even provides multiple guides for DIY walk-in coolers. Once you’re up and running, there’s virtually no maintenance required at all – just set the temperature and let CoolBot do the rest.

Many hunters dream of having a walk-in cooler. Make one a reality with CoolBot, and enjoy the benefits of hunting earlier, more often and in warmer temperatures.