Top 7 Fishing Apps for IOS and Android

Angler lifting bass out of water

Fishing season is here and there is no better time to embrace new tools and technology to maximize your fishing success. These seven fishing apps offer logbooks, maps, weather features and more. Consider some of these best fishing apps to maximize your success the next time you’re out on the water.

By Cabela's Staff

Best Fishing Apps for Success

FishAngler App - Discover new fishing spots, connect with other anglers, and get real-time weather and Solunar forecasting. Keep track of your fishing success and share your photos and experiences with others in your area. Unlike other apps, FishAngler has no hidden charges to take advantage of any special features! Recently voted best fishing app by Xprize – Ocean Initiative. Link to

Special Features: Fishing logbook, interactive maps, 7-day weather forecast, news feed, fishing reports, and the ability to connect with others.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users.

NAVIONICS App - Don't have a GPS unit in your boat? There is an app for that. From the Garmin company, NAVIONICS offers the world's number one boating app with detailed charts, GPS plotter, nautical charts and sonar charts.

Special Features: Snap geo-tagged photos, create and edit routes, measure the distance between two points, add a marker to selected locations, wind forecasts and more.

Availability & Price: Available to Android and Apple users. Prices range from $9.99 to $49.99 with a two-week free trial available. Link to NAVIONICS Boating App (USA)

Fish Rules App - Although essential before a fishing trip, sifting through relevant state and federal regulations is difficult. Fish Rules makes understanding saltwater fishing regulations, from Maine to Texas, easy to comprehend. This app knows if a species is in season, how many you can keep and how big they have to be. Fish Rules also has the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding state and federal regulations, providing you accurate and detailed information.

Special Features: Constantly updated regulations, track harvested and released fish, and high-quality illustrations and descriptions to help identify your catch without internet connection or signal.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. Link to Fish Rules App

Deeper Smart Sonar App - If you don't have a Deeper Sonar Fish Finder, or even if you do, this app is for you! Deeper - Smart Sonar maximizes your catch rate by telling you the best time and location to fish, measures the depth, locates targets and logs your catches. It even allows you to share photos on social media with other anglers.

Special Features: Solunar fishing activity calendar, offline maps, and weather forecast including temperature, wind speed, humidity and pressure.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. Link to Deeper Smart Sonar App

Fishidy Fishing App - Unlike other apps, Fishidy not only provides you with proven and tested locations but also access to GPS coordinates to make finding your next favorite fishing spot easier than ever. The app takes it a step further and also provides insight into new waterways, seasonal movements and behavior of fish and any basic patterns to increase fishing success.

Special Features: Private land ownership boundaries on maps, read reviews and shop hunting gear, and custom waypoints.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. Several premium membership options available ranging from $0.99 to $49.99. Link to Fishidy's Mobile Fishing App

Tip: Check out Fishidy's where to fish articles & fishing tips here

ProAngler App - Tired of switching back and forth between several different apps to find what you need? Pro Angler is the all-in-one app for saltwater fishing with weekly location reports from ship captains and angler authorities, upwards of 15,000 GPS hot spots, 350 saltwater fish species and easy-to-use state and federal regulations. The app also keeps you current by providing a local weekly update for your region called "What's Biting".

Special Features: Detailed species guide, angling techniques, real-time mariner weather, tide and solunar info, local bait shops, public boat launches and so much more.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. Offers in-app products ranging from $5.99-$59.88 per item. Link to Pro Angler Fishing App

FISHBRAIN App- Not finding the right social media platform to connect with like-minded anglers? FISHBRAIN is a social fishing app which connects you to millions of anglers that share fishing activity, photos and locations. The app also serves as a personal fishing journal, forecast and calendar all in one.

Special Features: Get fishing tips from the FISHBRAIN community and analyze personal statistic reports based on your historical performance.

Availability & Price: Available for free to Android and Apple users. FISHBRAIN Premium available from $5.99/month.

Prepared with these apps, you're bound to have the best fishing season yet. Best of all, you'll be able to keep track of your statistics, including your favorite fishing spots and which bait worked the best, to ensure successful fishing for years to come. Link to FISHBRAIN App