Pro Angler Jacob Powroznik's Three Fishing Must Haves

Jacob Powroznik by Jacob Powroznik

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are the pros and their opinions on must-have fishing gear. But the common bond is supreme: confidence.

So, our first confident participant this time out with Pros4- 1Source's "Must Haves" is none other than Livingston Lures pro Jacob Powroznik. J-Pow made a splash on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail a couple of seasons ago winning the Rookie of the Year titles alone with two Elite Series events. Powroznik cashes all over the country.

Here are Powroznik's three "must have" items.

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Grizzly tobacco.

"I've got to have two rolls of Grizzly long cut straight," said Powroznik. "It's a fishing thing for me. It just feels right when I'm out on the water. Not sure why I need it, I just know when I'm fishing, I need Grizzly straight."

Box full of Livingston

"I always have a box full of Livingston Lures crankbaits and topwaters," said Powroznik. "You never know when you'll need something different and I have total confidence in Livingston Lures. A big box of Livingston.

"I believe in that EBS technology. Heck, even if it only gets me three more bites in a tournament, they may be 5-pounders. That makes all the difference in the world to me."

Lowrance Marine Electronics

"My Lowrance units make a huge difference in what I can do on the water," said Powroznik. "The HDS 12 Gen3 is my favorite unit right now. I really rely on it.

"I feel it truly sharpens the instinctive skills I already have. I can often practice with it and not even need to catch a fish. I can look at it and graph the areas I want to try, knowing with confidence there are fish there.

"I trust my Lowrance electronics."

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl