Drop Shot Rigging

News & Tips: Drop Shot Rigging

The Drop Shot Rig fishing is used to "hover" small baits in front of gamefish such as walleye and bass. It's most commonly used in deep, cold, clear water.

Rigging Up

DropShotRiggingUse a palomar knot to tie a #1 worm, sproat or circle fishing hook to your line, leaving a 2- to 4-foot tag end. Bring the tag end back through the hook eye (to make it stand out at a 90-degree angle from the line), and attach a 3/16- to 1/2-oz. drop shot weight to the end of the line. Thread on or nose-hook a small soft-plastic bait. Keep a tight line, using the rod tip to jiggle the bait in place.

When to Use the Drop Shot Fishing Rig

This is a finesse rig, used mostly for fishing deep, cold, clear water. It can be cast or fished vertically; jiggle the bait a few times, then slide it a few feet and repeat. Best with light line and spinning gear.

Where to Use the Drop Shot Rig

Look for collection spots in creek channels, cups and off the ends of long points in deep water. Bluff banks with channel drops are also prime territory.

Suggested Fishing Tackle

Soft-Plastic Fishing Baits

Fishing Hooks

Fishing Weights

Fishing Line (*6-pound to 10-pound test)

Fishing Rod (*6' to 7', ML to MH Baitcast Rod)

Fishing Reels (*Baitcast or Spinning Reel)