What to Wear When Fishing So You Don’t Freeze Your Tail Fin Off

News & Tips: What to Wear When Fishing So You Don’t Freeze Your Tail Fin Off...

It’s hard to beat the bite of fall trolling for salmon and trout when the weather and water turn cold. As hot as the action can be this time of year, not being dressed for the cold weather can turn a great day into a miserable one. Having the right gear and dressing for the worst is mission critical, keeping in mind that you can shed layers if the weather does take a turn for the better.

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Wearing the right fishing apparel means you’ll be able to focus on fishing instead of freezing.

Waterproof/Windproof Bibs

As you dress for your day on the water, long underwear and fleece-lined pants are a good start but having a pair of insulated waterproof/windproof bibs is a must. Bibs are great because they can be slipped over pants easily and add a ton of warmth for anglers as they cover the legs and the core of the body. If you plan on being out on the lake for the entire day, then having a pair of bibs that is insulated/windproof will make all the difference in the world. In fall it seems like the wind never stops blowing and no matter how warm you are dressed, if you don’t have windproof gear the wind will strip the heat from you. Waterproof bibs are also a good idea because there is a good chance you will be getting wet, and you would rather your clothes shed water rather than absorb it.

Layered Coats

Having a high-quality windproof/waterproof fishing jacket is another important aspect for fall fishing. Having a 2 in 1 coat (windproof shell and heavily insulated liner) allows anglers to be able to use this coat for multiple seasons. Much like the bibs, anglers need a coat that is windproof to keep the cold out on long days on the water. Keep in mind, when shopping for a fall fishing coat, look for a model that has more than a light fabric hood. When the weather gets bad, having an insulated hood that zips onto the coat will keep you much warmer than shell hoods, which usually just snap on to the collar with three buttons. In addition to the hood, look for a coat that has a fleece-lined collar and fleece-lined pockets. The fleece-lined collar and pockets are comfortable and warm. Plus, the fleece does not absorb water easily so wet hands can be put into pockets quickly without worrying about getting the coat soaked.

Thermal Base-Layers

One of the most important pieces of clothing to fight the cold has to be thermal base layers. There have been impressive advances in thermal layers in recent years and for the weight, these special layers have amazing warmth. In addition, most thermal layers also help to wick water (sweat) away from the body, keeping anglers dry and warm.  Base layers come in a variety of fabrics and weights.  Stocking up on a few different pieces of varying weights and different fabrics will keep you covered for whatever weather conditions come up.

Fall fishing is not for the meek. Bad weather and cold temperatures are the norm for this time of year but the fishing can be dazzling.  Check out fishing clothes options that will help keep you warm, dry and comfortable, even in the ugliest of conditions.