The Growth of Fishing in 50 Years

Antique fishing luresLooking back over the past 50 years, it is amazing how much the fishing industry has changed.

For starters, look at the difference in rods and reels. While the old equipment, such as the standby Ambassadeur 6000 model, is extremely reliable, the comparison to today’s reels is not even close. 

New reels such as the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite are incredibly strong as well as lighter then ever before, weighing in at an incredible 5.9 ounces. With innovations like this the old school products are definitely great collectors pieces, but are not practical for use in this day and age. 

The construction of new lightweight rods has also changed the world of bass fishing with anglers able to buy incredibly light sensitive rods at a very affordable price. Getting yourself outfitted with great products is now easier and more affordable then ever with Bass Pro Shops stores all across the country, where you can get all of your outdoor needs fulfilled, and still have money left over to put some gas in the boat.

The lure industry has also changed immensely. New innovations are coming out almost every month as professional anglers help companies design exactly what they need to catch more fish and win tournaments. Years ago if an angler was going to start fishing it was fairly simple with soft plastic worms being just about all you needed to put fish in the boat. These days if you walk into a Bass Pro Shops and ask for a soft plastic worm there are over 20 different companies that produce them and 10 different styles to choose from.

Look at the choice between a Zoom Soft Plastic Finesse Worm or a Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Stik-O-Worm. Both of these are great fish catching baits but have different times when they should be thrown and different methods of rigging other then the original Texas rig. This can be overwhelming to a beginner looking to get started in fishing. That's why Bass Pro Shops makes sure that they hire product knowledgeable employees that can always point costumers in the right direction to get out on the water and catch more fish.

No innovation in the lure industry over the last five years comes close to what was introduced last year in the FLW Tour event on Lake Guntersville. This is where the bait named the Alabama Rig hit the fan. The rig itself consists of five wires connected to a led or plastic head, on the end of each wire is a swivel where you connect your preferred jig head and favorite soft plastic swim bait, such as the Yum Money Minnow

All of this put together and you have the best imitation of a school of bait that has ever been reeled past the face of a fish. Record breaking 5-fish limits of fish have been caught in tournaments across the country because of this rig. Reports of multiple fish being caught on a single cast are also very common. Make sure to read your state fish and game regulations as some states only allow the use of one, or three baits at a time. Also, when using the Alabama rig or other rigs like it such as the Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 War Path make sure to fish responsibly and help protect the resource by releasing the big female bass that this rig will surely fool into biting.

As you can see things have definitely changed. While the old school products and techniques still work you can greatly improve your fish catching results by adjusting with the times and trying out these new innovations. 

So head to your nearest Bass Pro Shops and pick out a new lure you have never used before, leave your confidence bait at home and throw only the new lure for a few fishing trips. By doing this you will increase your confidence in the technique and greatly improve your chances of catching fish no matter what the conditions hold. Bettering yourself as an angler is what it's all about, and this is a great way to do just that.

I'll see you on the water!

by Joey Nania