Canoeing en 5 Different Strokes for Paddling Folks Left, right, left, right—the rhythm of inexperienced paddlers often takes the tone of a death march.  After a full day of capsizing, arguing with your paddling partner, and pounding aspirin for your… July 9, 2015 Brenden Kanies 856f9c4e-19b3-4e61-acf9-40be0e52dee6 Three Essential Pieces of Canoe Camping Gear Canoe camping brings together the best of both worlds -- the immersion in nature that campers experience when August 29, 2013 Bass Pro Shops 1Source 93bde8db-597a-4502-a753-313ec1807397 Fly Fishing and the Canoe August 15, 2013 Steve Galea b034dbea-8679-47a1-b87a-f5aefcc2359e 8 Easy Steps to Packing a Canoe July 1, 2013 Tim Allard 4161c3ce-6faf-4994-adbb-87642bf7fda8 Float Fishing the Current River Floating downstream in a canoe or June 6, 2013 Bill Cooper 6a7b6791-815d-4e2a-a029-2cb4cce5dba3 Outfitting Your Fishing Canoe May 14, 2013 Tim Allard a2bf3588-6163-467a-8cd7-7744c499ff3c Get Your Kids On Board With Your Next Canoe Outing October 12, 2012 Bass Pro Shops 1Source c87e1e25-979b-4f55-b2c0-02ae697ed00b