In Winter Catch Crappie Near Warm Water Discharge Outlets

News & Tips: In Winter Catch Crappie Near Warm Water Discharge Outlets...

A lot of crappie lakes help provide cooling water for nearby power plants. In winter, look for great crappie fishing in the warm water near discharge outlets.

If you want to catch them, you might have to move around some to find them. Sometimes power plant current tends to hug the shore or it may curve
offshore. A temperature gauge can help you find the right temperature where crappie are liable to be.

If there is no power plant, then the headwaters tend to be the best for winter crappie fishing. Crappie tend to hang around these headwaters in the winter because it is usually the first place to warm up in early spring.

Some people are lucky enough to have enclosed heated fishing docks located over crappie beds on lakes in the area where you can fish in warmth and comfort.

Stacey King is a member of the
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