Stacey King's Crappie Spawn Fishing Tips

News & Tips: Stacey King's Crappie Spawn Fishing Tips...
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During the spawn the crappie can be taken in shallow water.

Crappies spawn on gravel banks in water usually less than five feet. Look for these banks as you cruise the shoreline. Holding the boat just barely within casting distance of the water's edge, cast along the banks with a jig suspended under a small bobber and keep moving.

As you do, watch for cover both in and along the shoreline. If you have a sonar, watch it constantly for submerged stumps, logs, brush piles, etc. If you catch a crappie, fish the spot over good before moving.

Many docks on lakes are "baited," meaning their owners have sunk brush beneath them to attract crappie. Cast all around these docks, giving special attention now to the shore. Cast over the dock’s cables, if necessary. After you've worked the shoreline, take off the bobber and work around the dock in deeper water.