Camping Checklist & Tips for Easy Camping (audio)

Camping dad and son at a campsite

Even if you’ve camped a hundred times before, it’s always a good idea to create a checklist for your next outing – especially if it’s the first of the camping season. Here’s a generic camping checklist to help make sure you don’t forget not only the little things, but the big things, on your next camping trip.

Listen in to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio show talking about Camping Tips & Gear below.


Tip: Simply check the item off and print it out, or print out the camping checklist PDF here, then check it off the checklist while you load up.


Camping Gear

Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cot, air mattress (pump, if needed)
Flashlight, batteries (all sizes), lanterns, fuel
Pillows, linens
Extension cords
Chairs, stools, tables
Water storage
Insect repellent
Hatchet, ax, shovel
Bungee cords, rope
Fans, tent fans

Cooking, Food Prep & Cleanup Gear for Camping

Camp stove, fuel
Charcoal, lighter fluid
Matches (waterproof preferred)
Firewood (sometimes sold at campsites)
Grill, cooking grate, racks and skewers
Skillets, pots, pans and griddle
Spatula, tongs, serving spoons and eating utensils
Cutting board and manual can opener
Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
Plates, cups and bowls
Napkins, paper towels, dish towels and sponge
Wash basin for dishes, detergent
Food storage containers
Trash bags
Oven mitt, pot holder

Emergency Gear for Camping

First-aid kit
Emergency car kit
Pain relieve
Sting kill swabs
Sunburn relief
Multi-tool, shovel
Antibiotic cream
Anti-itch cream
Eye drops
Elastic bandage



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