Product Review: MSR Packtowl Ultralite Camp Towel

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As a gear junkie I'm always looking for inexpensive products that deliver high value. The MSR Packtowl Ultralite Microfiber Camp Towel is such an item. The large size (36" x 20") weighs only 1.8-ounces and retails for under $25. It's worth every penny in my book.

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MSR Packtowl Ultralite Camp Towel cleans up big or small messes in a compact size.

I initially purchased a Packtowl for a remote, week long camping trip because space was at a premium. I was drawn to the compactness of this lightweight product, which is roughly 4" x 6" when stored in the provided mesh bag — but I was able to squish it down another 25 percent or so. It was the perfect companion for lake side swims and cleaning up at shower stations. Since this trip I've repurposed the towel for post-workout and cycling commuting showers and it continues to perform perfectly.

I was so impressed with my first Packtowl that I bought a second one to keep in my boat. I use it to dry off after a spontaneous swim and after getting splashed while running in wavy conditions. It also works great for wiping down wet seats.

What's amazing about the Packtowl is that its mircofiber fabric delivers incredible absorbency for such a thin material. It gets better. Once the towel is wet, you can wring it out almost to the point of being completely dry and then immediately reuse it. Being able to remove such a high volume of water speeds up its drying time, while dramatically reducing "wet towel" smell that's common with cotton products.

The Packtowl also features a snap loop that's convenient for securely hanging it. I didn't think much of it at purchase time; however, since owning one I have found the loop to be an excellent feature that has paid off countless times to air dry the towel or keep it up off of wet floors, sandy beaches and pine-needle covered campsites.

There are a lot of flashy gadgets and pieces of gear that will turn heads more than a towel. This is human nature, I suppose. But, if you're fed up with fighting with cotton towels, or simply don't pack them due to their bulk, I can't recommend a Packtowl enough. They also make great gifts.