Camping and Hiking Gifts for Dad

News & Tips: Camping and Hiking Gifts for Dad

Each Father's Day, gifts presented with good intentions end up finding a spot in dad's closet with the previous years' never-used offerings. Not that dad isn't thankful for the offspring's thoughtfulness, but some items are better off left on the store shelf. Some fathers are just too hard to buy for — simple as that — it seems as if they have everything a guy would want or could use.

For the dad that happens to be an avid camper and/or hiker, a sneak peek at his gear collection likely reveals nothing needed. But, for most dads, and this comes from one, a bit of comfort at camp or on the trail is truly appreciated. The following five items provide just that — comfort. As we dads age, comfort becomes more and more of a welcomed luxury. These gear items also range is price which makes them affordable for a range of gift buying budgets.

Hiking Socks

After dad pounds out a few miles on a trail, peeling off his hiking shoes is a relief he looks forward to near the end of the hike. Cotton crew socks are common used by the occasional hiker, but those are not the most comfortable option. Wrap up a pair of wool hiking socks for dad and watch closely to his expression. It may take a bit of encouragement for him to try them, but when he does, it's likely he will ask for another pair next year.

CampingHikingGiftsDad RHUltraSilverHikingSocks

LED Headlamp

Many fathers have come to appreciate the handiness of a hands-free light source. For those who still try to work with a flashlight tucked under an armpit while fumbling around camp will soon see the value of a headlamp after trying one.

CampingHikingGiftsDad AscendCreeHeadlamp

Trekking Pole

As a father of two young adults in their twenties, I have enjoyed a couple of decades hiking with them. In the early years, I constantly was aiding my bumbling hikers to keep their balance on tricky trails. Now, it seems I'm the one with a balance problem occasionally. So, a trekking pole accompanies me on each hike. The stability the adjustable, aluminum "hikin' stick" provides is truly a comfort — especially felt at the end of the day.

CampingHikingGiftsDad AscendSojournTrekPole

Breathable Rain Suit

When it rains it pours, as the saying goes. It's common for kids to say that their dad has become hard-headed or set it his ways. For me, I find myself going forward with the camping or hiking plan — no matter the weather. For one, I've come to realize that meteorologists are not always correct, and secondly, I've learned to appreciate the times outdoors — rain or shine. A breathable rain suit is comfortable to wear and easy to store in the vehicle or tent gear box. If it rains, the show goes on without feeling soaked to the soul.

CampingHikingGiftsDad FroggToggOriginalProAction

Sleeping Cot

Sleeping on a tent floor is still fun, but some nights, sleeping a foot and a half off the ground is better. The ole bones and muscles relax and recover better after a night's sleep on a cot, and even better if the cot is topped with an air mattress. The elevated sleeping platform avoids dirt and debris being tracked in as often occurs with tent floor bedding. A good nights' rest may be the best Father's Day gift that can be given.

CampingHikingGiftsDad BPSOversidedCot