JT Kenney Picks His Three Top Lures for Spring Time Bass

JT Kenny by JT Kenny

by Pros4- 1Source's Dave Landahl   

Bass Fishing pro JT Kenney is known for his prowess with a flippin' stick and punching through dense vegetation to yard out big bass in his home state of Florida. Kenney is originally a Maryland man, but the lure of the warmer Florida lifestyle pulled him to gator country years ago.

So, is this pro a one-trick-pony? Or does he have more in his arsenal than a flippin' stick? Well duh, he's won events and cashes checks all over the place. Clearly he can fish a variety of techniques well.


Kenney shared three of his favorite lures to use during the spring months to get those pesky piscine punks (aka bass) into the boat.


Get lipless

"One of my go-to lures in the spring is the lipless crankbait," said Kenney. "Talk about easy to fish. You essentially cast it and just real it in. Doesn't matter unnamed300where you are fishing, rivers, reservoirs or lakes. Bass like minners and that lipless crankbait looks like one.


"I typically fish them in shallow pockets toward the shore. Usually in 6 feet or less. There are times you can fish it a little deeper along the bottom, almost like fishing a worm. That can be productive, too."


Get Jigging

"I like to use a Nichols Grass Wizard jig when I'm flipping grass," said Kenney. "I believe I hook up with more bass using the jig due to the exposed hook. I will land more of them. I think it is far and away more efficient. So if I can fish a jig for bites in grass flipping or pitching, I will."


Get Spinning

"I practice the lost art of spinnerbaiting," said Kenney. "I find it interesting that so many anglers don't fish them. They are like half an Alabama rig. Spinnerbaits mimic baitfish and they are very efficient to use. They come through wood, rocks and weeds well and you can fish them at a pretty good pace for reaction strikes and cover a lot of water.

"I use them a lot in practice for tournaments. They really are a terrific search tool, as well as an excellent lure for catching bass."