Late Fall Bass Fishing Ideas

It is a good idea to begin a late fall fishing day with lures like spinnerbaits and jerkbaits, since they locate active bass and allow you to cover water. But some days, bass simply won't chase and hit a moving lure. That is especially true when cooler water temperatures cause bass to be less active.

If bass aren't hitting quickmoving baits, tie on a tube jig and make short, precise casts to specific areas that hold bass. Clumps of green vegetation are good, as is shallow cover like stumps and boat docks. Many anglers think topwater baits are only good when water is warm. But they also catch bass in late fall.

Try topwater baits that imitate a wounded fish thrashing around on the surface of the water. The best way to fish buzzbaits is to retrieve them only fast enough to keep them on the surface.

Edwin Evers is a member of the Bass Pro Shops® Pro National Fishing Team