It Figures

Yesterday was my first ever experience at turkey hunting. Myself and my buddy Chris both prepared for this day. We got ourselves a couple of calls, practiced with them until we were proficient and struck out for the great turkey hunt down at my deer woods.

We set up across a cut down from each other. When the breeze blew just right, I could hear his call across the young pines. I clucked my call several times and actually got a response from my right way off in the brush in front of me. Clucked a couple more times and all went quiet. Time passed. My leg went to sleep and there was no more response to our calls.

So, shortly after noon we started walking out. Along about this time, we had another buddy of ours who was gonna meet us for lunch and a work afternoon. We meet him walking in the path as we headed out. He's the guy who actually owns the place. He was telling us that while walking in, he decided to plunder inside his Great Granddaddy's house for a bit.

This house sat in the edge of the cut down and has long since been reclaimed by Mother Nature. Vines clung to it all the way across the roof line. Trees wrapped around the eves and brush obscured it from view. If you didn't already know that it was there, you'd never see it.

But... As he plundered around inside, he heard a noise outside. He went to the window and looked just in time to see the turkey walking across the front porch. ?

That figures!.... Had we thought about watching the old house, the turkey would have been scratching in the pasture.

Oh, well... There's always next Saturday.