Weather Protecting your Trail/Game Cameras

I like to photograph wildlife year round with a dozen trail/game cameras. Recently we got the live rut, men deer acting like high school deer, some like superman, one 8-pointer walked 10 feet directly in my sights, looked me square in the face, all the while I didn't shoot any of these boys, waiting for the testosterone to come down a notch. It just is't fair to shoot the boy when he in that condition, jacked up on love and not paying attention to his surroundings.
In the meanwhile, the freezing rain and snow will be here end of week, I put weather covers on my trail cameras to prevent any moisture from penetrating the inside area and fogging things up. I been using trailcamcover , it's a cover you place over your trail/game cameras, it's easy to mount, take the strap from your camera pass through the slots on the weather cover, hang your camera to a tree or post as normal. The cover apparatus does a good job keeping the heavy rain, sleet and snow away from the lens, flash, and other openings. It doesn't bother the animals any, I get great pics and the camera stays dry. I get the best performance in the winter months, it keeps the rain and snow off the camera body, and water from leaking in around the gasket and front cavities. Let me know if you want more details. I know it will help you get more life from outdoor cameras.