Broadheads for moose

Going after Yukon moose with my Bow. I shot and older bowtech 82 airborne @70lb w 29in draw length and had it clocked @over 300ft/sec. I have been trying to decided on the best broadhead for these monster moose. I've read article on fixed vs mechanical and there doesn't seem to be a clear winner. (most articles favour fixed but these report are all 3-4years old and great advances have been made in mechanical broad heads) I am also looking at the new 2014 hybrid broadhead by grimm reaper. I would love it people could actually state what success and failures they have had with both of broadheads on large big game.(photo of new world record moose taken in yukon 2013)
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I've always been a big believer in the mechanical broadheads. I've downed many a whitetail and the exit wound they leave is pretty amazing. My favs over the years have been the Rocky Mountain Snyper, though I'm not sure they are available. For me, they seem easier to tune the bow to as well. I'm lazy and like a nice big blood trail to follow, but that's just me LoL