2018 Whitefish Price Guide Vintage Fishing Tackle


The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures by Matt Lollman

Everyone has an opinion on what a vintage fishing lure is worth, but there is only one way to know for sure: find out what similar or identical lures have sold for in the recent past. But this is not as easy as it sounds. On-line auction sites delete all records of sales older than three months, and many of the rarer lures only come up for sale every year or two. So how can you reliably tell what any given fishing lure is worth?

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December 2017, Paperback
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2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures, noted collector and author Matt Lollman has collected 10,000+ actual sale prices of thousands of different fishing lures from hundreds of different companies. From on-line auction and forum sales to speciality auction houses to in person show sales, Lollman has given the following details for each entry: Company (including company city and state), Lure and Model Number, Color, Era, Detailed Description, Material, Condition, Month of Sale, and actual sale in dollars. Now you can quickly and conveniently find out the value of thousands of different lures! Includes 24 pages of color photos of lures and rare lure color charts. As opposed to value guides, which estimate the sale price of a fishing lure based on the author’s experience, The 2018 Whitefish Guide eliminates the guess work and gives only actual verified data. Rather than rely on someone’s estimates, you can now better establish the value of a lure based on actual sales data from the past two years (the vast majority being from the past twelve months). This makes this book a must for any collector, historian, or dealer of old fishing lures.