What hook?

Hello, New to the forum, and to Bass Pro in general. Just retired and getting back into fishing after a 30 year hiatus. My question for the forum is..I am getting back into fishing (rod and reel) and using in line spinning lures. I would like to do a lot of catch and release so I would like to know what hook to use/replace with the treble hook that I want to take off my 1/8 in line spinning lures. I would like to go with a barbless if possible and would need to know a good brand and and the size I would need to replace the treble with and would it be a bait hook, extra wide gap, etc.

Thank you
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Hey Bluewater...... Welcome to the forum.... I know EAGLE CLAW sells an assortment of barbless hooks.....
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I've seen people using worm hooks. It really depends on the spinner. They range in size from 1/32 oz(maybe smaller) to 1 oz. A size 1 to 1/0 worm hook should work just fine for most sizes. The same ones you'd find on a spoon of similar size. Always a straight eyelet. any curve will screw it up, but you could Jerry-rig it by snelling it to your lure. No one wants to do that if they don't have to though. Please be skeptical about everything I just said, and PLEASE criticize me if I'm wrong.