Fluorocarbon leaders on braided line

As a general rule when using fluorocarbon line as a leader on braided line how do you determine what the poundage rating should be? For example, 50# Braid use ?# fluorocarbon. Is there a percentage applied that could work, i.e., 50# x 80 percent = 40#? I am looking for the maximum strength fluorocarbon that would break before the braided line.
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I don't know about any formula to use while choosing your leader size. The leader will always break before the braid will or your knot will fail.
As a general thought I would try to match the line diameters as closely as you can and not put too much thought into test rating.
IE - if you're using 50# braid = .36mm you should go with 15# fluro which is 33mm. The key is like sized diameters so you get good knot strength.
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I know this is an old post but figured I would share what I experince.
I have been fishing with braid and fluorocarbon about two years now and from what I can tell is in almost any combination the break will happen at the knot 99% of the time. As for the combination that is sort of a loaded question. That can very on what your application is.
Two factors I have always consider is, line compatibility and rod compatibility. The line compatibility has a lot to do with what knot you are using and if the braid (normally thiner) can stay attached to the fluorocarbon (normally thicker). For example I almost always use a uni to uni knot. If I get a combination of lines that are why apart, for example a 10lb braid to 40 lb fluorocarbon, it could cause the braid to quite literally slip through. But if I use say a 50 lb braid to 15 lb fluorocarbon, the braid would just chew the fluorocarbon so finding a happy medium should create the right balance. I normally work with a 10 to 15 lb braid and match it between 15 to 25 lb fluorocarbon. That seems to allow me to get great casts and keep a good presentation to the fish. As for the rod compatibility; I had a series of fishing trips to where I would be fishing a 15 lb braid to 25 lb fluorocarbon or even 30 lb ( was fishing for snook, speckled trout, reddrum, or anything else in the flats of South FL), where I would be casting for about 2 to 3 hours and 'pop' my line would break. I could not understand why. On one fishing adventure it happen again. I stopped and just studied my line I noticed that it had the knot still there why some of the fluorocarbon still attached. So something was causing damage to the knot. Then it hit me that I was using a new rod. I looked at the guide tip and noticed that it was smaller then the rod I had before. The knot was rubbing up against the guide each time I hurled my heavy lures out there. So did something I try not to do is use a barrel swivel. I had to shorten my leader and added a swivel. Don't like doing that but saved a fishing trip.
So when looking at combinations of tying a braid to fluorocarbon remember to get a balance combo to keep the lines from tearing each other and to keep it mind the size of your guides.
I hope this answers your question.