Chose and value lures by specific features other than what prey animals they look like


Confidence in a lure makes us want to cast it more, especially if the lure sets itself apart from others in the same category.. They are:

1. size, shape (texture. softness), maybe color(s), action(s) and best presentations are examples of a combination. Water displacement and vibration are also dependent on lure design.

Combinations matteralways!

2Catching fish consistently on some lures is proof they can be counted on vs flukes or accidental catches,(ie reaction bites). 

Here is a breakdown of two grubs:



The curl tail grub on top is composed of these elements:

a flapping tail; bright chartreuse color, ribbed texture; 2.5" size.These elements, in combination, are what could be the reasons they catch different fish species.

The modified grub below it, with the curl tail cut straight, is unique in that at the slowest retrieve speed the tail flutters and twitches - even under a float or drop shot rigged. (Disregard the orange dye added.) 

 Each design has its own potential for catching fish. Other similar grub designs may also work but maybe not as well or as often.

Additional lure-related elements that are of note for those two lures and that must be considered:

Jig weight and hook size matter: ie. jig weight can be 1/32 - 1/8 oz; hook size #4 or #6

A few colors will do - no need for a dozen. Bright or dark colors should be considered as well as clear plastic.

Both can be used with a Beetle Spin type rig.

So, when you tell me a lure has done well, I would ask that you break it down into its elements-in-combination that you suspect accounts for it's success and that sets it apart from similar lures and never what prey it looks like to a fish. All of the above pertain to any lure ever made that have proven superior at catching fish regardless of species. You'd be surprised at the many design-specific combinations that you discover that you may want to include in your tackle box. Moreso are modifications (as in the example given) that can work just as well.

Be your own judge by observing the possible reasons that some lures do better - or maybe even better