Panfish are not line shy nor are any other species

Today I confirmed once and for all that fish are not line shy as has been suggested over the years by those that insist using the smallest diameter line possible. Granted, a smaller diameter line is best for smaller lures in that it allows for the best lure action versus lines that mute lure action. I wouldn't use 20# test mono with a 1/32 oz jig for example, but 8# is within the upper limit of line diameter that is okay given a soft plastic design rigged on that light a jig. But even that argument is a bit flawed considering what I discovered today.

Like many that lose lures to pickerel, I fish a lake that guarantees at least half dozen lures lost to razor sharp pickerel teeth. So I decided that enough is enough and attached a thin wire leader directly to different size jig heads - no clip. The wire comes in different diameters for attaching deep sea lures prone to being attacked by toothy critters. Today, not one pickerel made off with my lures - especially ones that were deeper hooked inside the gum line. What's more were the variety of fish and fish sizes that bit the lure all day long! Even small sunnies got caught, ignoring the 3" of firmly attached steel wire.

Normally I would use a 6lb test fluorocarbon leader with light jigs to allow a faster drop and better lure action using rod tip twitches, but when picks enter the equation, they give me no choice - better to boat those slime rockets than have nothing left on the end of the line, having to retie another lure.e.