A cold day on the water

Had an awesome outing this past weekend. I went to a little lake in Virginia to catch some bass in search of a big largemouth. My buddy and I went for about 4 hours and caught 26 bass. The water temperature was a little bit colder than I expected, sitting at 56 degrees. When the water drops below 60 degrees, I like to pull out my favorite thing to throw, a black and blue jig. I caught all of my fish on a black and blue jig by fishing it very slow. I threw it the jig on the Revenant Series, Cajun Rods, paired with a Lews Superduty. I usually tend to miss a few fish every now and then, it happens to all of us, but with the Revenant, I significantly lowered my misses to only one. This rod is amazing. When I set the hook, I trust that I got a good hook in the fish. What's your favorite fishing technique when the water drops below 60?