Monster Kitty

How about it Muddawg what a slob of a fish ?
280 pounder

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this. I've been having some computing problems.

Now.. Assessment of the monster fish photo:
Hmmmmm..... Photo shopped....

The Po river is known for some big cats but they say this is a 200 pound fish? Okay. Look at the guy behind it. That's a full grown man. I would guess his weight somewhere around 180 or better. Wouldn't you think? okay. Now compare the size of the fish to him. The fish looks at least three times bigger than him. If the photo is accurate, the fish in it should weigh closer to 580 pounds.

I took note of the foam bubbles in the water as well. They just didn't look right to me. They may match the fish but not the man.

The photo looks like someone took a picture of a big fish on the bank and then added the man in behind it.

Too bad. I've no doubt that the Po River harbors fish in the 200 pound range but I don't buy that photo.

They say he struggled for only 45 minutes with spinning gear? Next, they'll be telling us he was using 15 pound test!

Nah. I need more convincing.