Buster Boats (2 man)

Does anyone know if Buster Boats is still producing their line of boats? They make the two man mini bass boats that are eight foot or 10 feet in length. The last place where they were made was is in Oklahoma. They made the " Trophy " boat, the Deluxe, the Bass Wagon, etc. The boats they made were a pontoon design and they did build a small pontoon boat last I knew. And when was the last year they made the boats?

I do not think they have been in business since 2008. I owned a 1998 10' that I loved . fished out of it for 10 years not one issue. tough little boat. the only reason I sold it was my son was looking at buying a small boat and they were all junk compared to the buster boat. its one tough little boat. oh don't worry, I still fish out of one. my son found one for sale in in North Little Rock and I went and picked it up. it is the 2008 model and it was worth every penny of the $1400 I paid for it. my son is the proud owner of my old one and will tell you the same thing. If you can find one they are worth it. I was saddened to see that this company seemed to drop off the face of the earth after 2008. they were the best boat to date for quality and toughness. they are now hard to find as people hang on to them forever. I gave him the deal of a lifetime fully loaded sold it to him for $300. it stayed in the family and that is the only reason I would ever have sold it. that and I found the replacement 1st. Ha Ha or he would still be fishing from shore.
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I have a 10ft buster boat that is 20 years old. On the bottom side of the bolt on the hull is a hole. This is right in front of the live well. Is the boat suppose to take on water that will come out of this hole or can I seal it over with maybe flexseal? If I need the part thats missing what is it called and where might I b able to get it?